Welcome to the Institute of Sport Sciences (ISS) in Szombathely

At Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE, Budapest) in the Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK) the Institute of Sport Sciences (ISS) is the central unit of sports science and physical education. The ISS has been built on a range of highly successful and innovative undergraduate programs and offers excellent opportunities for students. Institute of Sport Sciences is a recognized center of excellence not just in Hungary, but it has already established a national and international reputation for the quality of its academic and research work and its traditional  sports scientific event the „International Christmas s Scientific Conference” in the areas of sports and health sciences. 

Our vision and goal is to be known in Hungary and in Central Europe for our high quality employability-focused education and impactful research in sports and health sciences.

To help achieve this vision, the undergraduate and postgraduate sport and health sciences degrees in Institute of Sport Sciences are structured to provide distinctive pathways, which cater for individual and student interests and meet the vocational requirements of a rapidly expanding marketplace relating sport. Our study programs (full time, part time) are professionally accredited to meet the requirements of the very wide range of sport and all healthcare professions. Our Faculty of Education and Psychology enhanced great opportunities for PhD studies in sport and health sciences as well. Therefore our institutes in Szombathely and in Budapest have really the full spectrum of academic activities in sport, exercise and health.

We have a successful professional partnership with the University Sport Club (SZoESE) enabling any to our students to lead an active and healthy lifestyle during their study years of study at ELTE by providing them sports related services in many individual and team sports on recreational and on competitive level.

The main research areas of Institute of Sports Sciences:

  1. Health Promotion/Development
  2. Physical Education
  3. Recreation/ Sport Tourism
  4. Sports Management
  5. Sport and Society

Undergraduate Study Programs:

  • Sport and Recreation Management and Health Promotion
  • Sport management
  • PE Teacher and Coach Education
  • PE for Children in Special Need

Postgraduate Study Program

  • Sport and Recreation Management and Health Promotion

English delivered list of possible theoretical courses for Erasmus students: Sport History, Sport and EU, Sport Sociology, Performance Analysis in Sport

Practical subjects to offer for Erasmus students: any courses which we offer for Hungarian students including ski camps, recreational camp, water camp)

Erasmus Coordinator and responsible for international affairs:
Dr. Henriette Dancs, PhD, ass. professor (Email: dancs.henriette@ppk.elte.hu)